Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning Program

February '22

Start Date: 12ve Feb

April '22

Start Date: 9th April


At the end of the course you will receive a Certificate in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning.


This 6-weeks online program will provide you with an understanding of the fundamentals of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, their applications and some examples from the Space Sector. 

The Program is developed to cover both theory and practice, to bring you and your company to the level of confidence to establish or grow your business under these topics. The program does not have entry requirements, and will address both the technical aspects, as well as the business, organization and managerial implications of the adoption of Artificial Intelligence in a workplace. 

At the the of the Program, you will be carrying out an individual and/or group project linked to Artificial Intelligence. The project can address technical solutions or the Business Plan to adopt or grow Artificial Intelligence within your workplace and understanding the benefits of it. Decision making and critical thinking are two key skills you will develop during this Program. 


Why Choose our Program in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning?

  • 95% of the companies already use or plans to use Artificial Intelligence 

  • 87% of the Students of Artificial Intelligence Programs finds a job within 6 months from the end of the Program

  • 11% Creation of a new business/ Startup in the field of A.I. and M.L. 

  • Networking: You have the opportunity to network and learn from our pool of Professors selected from the Industry.




The Program is structured to provide participants with the tools to learn about the fundamentals of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, including a Project Work and examples from the Space Sector. 

The duration of the Program is of 6 Weeks: with representatives of Space Industries and Forbes U30 Lecturers explaining the key elements of the subject.

Length of the Program: 6 Weeks

Modes of Attendance: Online

Classes: Every Saturday between 17:00 and 20:00 CET, 3-4 Hours per Week

Language: English

Tuition Fee:   960 Euros

Next Intakes Start Dates:  15th Jan 2022 - 9th April 2022 

Who will be your lecturers:

Lecturers bring direct Industry experience and examples from real cases. Companies where the lecturers of this Program work:

Please note that individual speakers can be changed, keeping the high quality standards of the companies. 

Program Details:

Module 1: Introduction to Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning


  • Introduction to AI and ML, history, technology and social impacts
  • Main Elements of Artificial Intelligence: Narrow, General and Super AI 
  • Main Elements of Machine Learning: Supervised, Unsupervised and Reinforcement 
  • AI to make more intelligent and efficient companies

  • Limitations of AI and the need for human - computer combination

  • AI business strategic approach

  • Future applications planning and approaches


Module 2: A.I. and M.L. a deeper understanding

- Artificial Intelligence

- Machine Learning

- Deep Learning

- Neural Network

- System Engineering Approach

Module 3: Robotics 


- Robotics technology and applications

- Strategic, technical, and other aspects of an application of robotics

- Robotics and the role in Society

- Robotics developments

Module 4: Artificial Intelligence in Space

- Artificial Intelligence applications in the Space sector

- Current applications in Earth Observation

- Artificial Intelligence in the Space Segment

- Artificial Intelligence in the Ground Segment

- Future development and adoption of A.I. in Space

Project Work


At the end of the course, the students carry out a project work in the field of Aritificial Intelligence. The assignments are customized based on the level of the individual students. The details of the Project work will be discussed between the students and the Lecturers which will identify a dedicated assignment.


Astronaut Alexander Gerst and the DLR Astronaut Assistant CIMON

February '22

Start Date: 12ve Feb

April '22

Start Date: 9th April