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1. Access to the webpage (

Accessing the webpage constitutes acceptance of these conditions and those contained in the University’s Privacy Policy, and therefore if you are not in agreement with any of these conditions all use of this webpage must cease.

In addition, by clicking on the link below you can read the PRIVACY POLICY of the International Space School.

  • Access to the webpage

Certain parts of the webpage are restricted for the sole use of students by using a pre-assigned username and code when registering for their courses. Webpage users who are not registered students may access the public sections and must refrain from attempting to access the students’ personal pages.

Users undertake to use the website in a diligent and proper manner. In this respect, they undertake not to use it:

- To carry out activities which are contrary to the law, morals, decency and the Public Order, and

- For illegal, prohibited purposes or those which are detrimental to the rights and interests of third parties

- The International Space School declines any liability arising from the user’s use of the website for such prohibited purposes.

  • Functioning and content

The International Space School reserves the right to perform, without prior notice to website users, such upgrades and modifications as it considers appropriate both regarding the information contained and the page structure at any time. It may also change the conditions for accessing the portal.

Neither shall the International Space School be liable for any possible communication failures and cannot guarantee the continuous functioning and availability of access to the webpage. In these cases, the School shall take all and any actions to remedy these errors as soon as possible.

The International Space School informs its users that in order to view certain page contents they must have specific software to display the documents.

With regard to the students’ individual pages, the International Space School secures its teaching activities by means of applications designed to be used on personal computers using Internet Explorer, Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox browsers. Although it functions almost in its entirety, the perfect operation of the Students Personal Pages with other devices or browsers is not guaranteed and the International Space School is working to adapt the personal pages to these technologies also.

Students must have an ADSL Internet connection of at least 3MB in order to see the virtual classes live. Viewing these, however, is not an essential requisite for passing the subject matter in question.

When registering, students must expressly authorise the International Space School to use their personal data to create an account in their name.


2 – Intellectual and industrial property

The International Space School is the owner and/or licensee of all the content of this page, including images, graphic design, posts published in the blog, text, brands, logos and any type of data together with the source code, design and structure of the page. 

The International Space School has the exclusive on the rights to reproduce, distribute, modify and disclose same together with all the exploitation rights under any of its forms.

All the page content is protected by the law on intellectual and industrial property and its availability and use, possible consultation or downloading do not imply under any circumstance any transfer of any type of right over the intellectual or industrial property of said material or content.

No display, download or printout of the contents of the webpage will be allowed if done for advertising or commercial purposes or for their distribution, public disclosure or modification and, in general, in any case in which such acts are incompatible with the purposes of this page. In the remaining cases, prior authorisation in writing must be sought from the International Space School and the source stated.

In any event, the logos, graphic design, images, icons, etc. that form part of the webpage may not be used independently of the text they accompany or the other images of designs of which they form part.

The International Space School reserves the right to take legal action as appropriate against any user who infringes or violates the intellectual and industrial property rights and may seek compensation for any damages caused. Users undertake to indemnify the International Space School for any damages their improper use of this website may give rise to.

All and any information that users of the webpage may provide such as suggestions, proposals, etc., shall be considered received and transferred free of charge, and therefore users are requested to refrain from sending any information not already of this nature.


3 – Liability

Both access to this website and the use made of the information contained in it are at the sole liability of the user, who expressly acknowledges that access to and the use of the portal is under their sole liability.

The International Space School shall therefore not be liable under any circumstance for any possible damages that may arise from said access or use of the information by the user, neither for any possible errors or damage the user’s computer system may sustain (hardware and software), or the files or documents they have stored, as the result of a virus in their computer, malfunctioning of the browser or the use of outdated versions of same.


4 – Participation in forums, chats, social networks and virtual communications

The International Space School shall not be liable for the opinions expressed in forums, chats and other spaces of online participation. Messages published in these spaces represent solely the opinion of their authors and not that of the administrators or moderators (except in those messages published by the latter).

When registering with these spaces, users must accept not to publish any abusive, discriminatory, obscene, vulgar material or any relating to any form of violence, of a threatening nature or any which in some manner infringe the law. Users also acknowledge that the International Space School shall delete, edit, move or close any message it considers inadequate or irrelevant.


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