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The iSpace School has been invited to the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum.

The iSpace School presented its project to numerous players from different sectors and from all around the world.

Education and the Space Sector proved once again to be important topics in the worldwide picture, at technological, social and economic levels.


Webinar in A.I. and M.L. in Space

The iSpaceSchool organizes the first Webinar with the topic of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning in Space. 

Online and Free on the 8th May !

More than 5000 thousand registrations already. Save your spot now!


IAC 2021 - Dubai

We are really happy to announce that the iSpace School abstract:From the Educational gap in the Space Economy to the establishment of a Space Economy Network. The Innovative and Worldwide Plan of the iSpace School.was accepted for an oral presentation at the International Astronautical Federation - IAC 2021 which will be held in Dubai!

Rocket Launch

Webinar in A.I. and M.L. in Space

More than 1000 registration requests to attend the Webinar on the New Space Eocnomy 2021. Online and free on the 22nd May


Main Takeaways:

- Space Economy fundamentals
- Space Economy impact on traditional industries
- New ground-breaking technologies transforming the Space Economy in 2021