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Space Project Management

Space Project Management

January 2022

Start Date: 15th January


At the end of the course you will receive a Certificate of Space Project Management.


The Space Sector is evolving rapidly, which require the application of international standards and follow technological changes as they are taking place across the world. In order to cope with and actively shape these complex changes, new forms of leadership are required. This program explores the realities of managing a project in the space sector in the 21st century, from adopting standards, making strategic decisions, managing people and performance effectively, to financial, operational and marketing management. A Manager is able to look at the overall picture, and apply coordination and take decision for a project 360 degrees, within or outside is areas of direct expertise.  Focusing on the development of critical thinking and entrepreneurial skills, this Program will give students the tools to be an effective leader and to adapt to future changes in business.


Our Project Management Program is for you if...

  • You are an individual who wish to kick start or accelerate your career in a leadership role.

  • You are ready to take on board responsibilities and manage projects through different phases, from the concept definition, standards application till launch.

  • You wish to develop a critical-thinking mindset, and get a 360 degrees of a project in the Space sector.

  • You want to work in a Space Agency or a Space Industry and manage projects.

  • You wish to increase your knowledge and acquire new skills with high flexibility


Whether you are managing a small or a complex project, you need to acquire leadership and critical-thinking skills. The Program provides you with a 360 degrees view of a project and provides you with the full set of skills, from technical, organizational, financial and leadership skills.

Space Missions are ever-changing, with increasingly sophisticated architectures. Now more than ever, companies and agencies, require innovative, qualified managers to prepare and support new and avant-garde projects.

Intakes:  January, April, July, October

Length of the Program: 7 Weeks

Modes of Attendance: Online

Classes: Weekly, on Saturdays, between 18:00 and 20:00 CEST 

Language: English

Tuition Fee:  890 Euros

Next Intakes Start Dates: 15th January

Program Details:

Module 1: Project Management

What will you learn:

Project Management is a very important aspect of every industry and agency. The Space sector apply general Project Management skills as well as specific Space Standards which will be examined during the Module.


Module Details:

  1. ECSS Standards with focus on Operations

  2. Project Lifecycle

  3. Reviews and key milestones, from Phase A to Phase F

  4. Roles and Responsibilities

  5. Mission Planning

  6. Mission Operations Concept Definition

  7. Operations Preparation, Integration Verification and Validation Activities, Procurement

  8. Routine Operations

  9. Internal and External interfaces


Module 2: Finance Management


What will you learn:

In every project, the manager needs to take into account the financial resources. Despite the manager may not have a strong financial background, he or she needs to be able to understand the main aspect of managing financial resources within a project.


Module Details:

  1. Investments

  2. Financial Statements

  3. Profit and Loss

  4. Accounts Analysis

  5. Examples of successful companies in the Space Sector and their financial analysis

Module 3: International Space Policy


What will you learn:

The expansion of the Space sector is to be placed within a biggest economic and juridical context. From the Space Race to the Space Economy several regulations and treaties have been signed and international markets started to develop across the globe.

Module Details:

  1. International Space Policy

  2. History of Space Law

  3. Outer Space Treaties

  4. New Legal Trends

Module 4: Leadership Skills


What will you learn:

During your work experience you will face difficulties where stress, pressure and self-demand prevent you from giving your best and being as efficient as you would like to be. Leaderships skills are the most important tool to face challenges and achieve measurable results.

Module Details:

  1. Clarify your needs, goals and priorities

  2. Identify your resources, strengths and values

  3. Detect and overcome the external and internal obstacles that limit you

  4. Generate effective conversations and relationships

  5. Develop a strategy and an action plan

Module 5: Business Model Canvas


What will you learn:

No project can be carried out if not properly planned and structured. The Business Model Canvas is a strategic management template commonly used for developing new projects with business models. It has a visual impact which helps managers to organize the project and to showcase it to the team or reporting upper management.


Module Details:

  1. What is a Business Project

  2. Business Model Canvas modules

  3. Technical , Financial, Marketing and Business

  4. Setup of the Working Groups

  5. Analysis of skills needs in the group

Module 6: Project Work


What will you learn:

At the end of the Program you will challenge yourself applying Project Management skills to a complex project. You will structure a full Space Mission from Phase A to Phase F.


Module Details:

  1. Identify a Space Mission

  2. Mission Operations Concept Document (MOCD)

  3. Scheduling and Planning

  4. Reviews

  5. Systems

  6. Ground and Space Operations

  7. Internal and External Interfaces


January 2022

Start Date: 15th January