Space Economy

The Space Economy generates an economic impact of over $400 Billion.
With our Program in Space Economy, we offer the key to understand this growing business,  learn and compare with experts from the Space Industry.
Students receive the tools to create or evolve their business to become part of the Space Economy.

Space Economy Program

Feb 2022

Start Date:
12 February


At the end of the course you will receive a Certificate in Space Economy Program.


The Space Economy is becoming a global effect, driven by the contribution of both the private and the public sector, competing and working together for the exploration and exploitation of space. Next to the governmental programs, new commercial actors are contributing to the so-called “new space”.

The number of investments in space programs have grown consistently over the years, also thanks to the contribution from Billionaires, Business Angels and Venture Capitals.

Space Investments lead to the creation of revenue streams not only for the space sector itself: the impact of the Space Economy goes beyond this field and brings a strong contribution to the Macro Economy, producing an effect in both international, national, regional or local levels.


Why Choose our Space Economy Program?

  • 86% of the Students finds a job in the Space Sector at the end of the Program

  • 11% Creation of a new business/ Startup

  • Networking: You have the opportunity to network and learn from our pool of Professors selected from the Forbes Under 30 list and from the Space Industries.

  • International Visits: You have the opportunity to visit International Space Organizations



The Program is structured to provide participants with the tools to learn about the Space Economy, find a job in this sector and create new businesses.

The duration of the master is of 10 Weeks: with representatives of Space Industries and Forbes Under30 Speakers explain the key elements of the Space Economy.

Length of the Program: 10 Weeks

Modes of Attendance: Online

Classes: Every Saturday, between 18:00 and 20:00 CEST 

Language: English

Tuition Fee:  1400 Euros

Next Intakes Start Dates: 12ve Feb. 2022

Program Details:

Module 1: Business Strategy


This Module is in preparation to the development of the Business Project which will be carried out individually or alone starting with Module 7

- What is a Business Project

- Introduction to the Business Plan

- Find the Space Connection

- Technical , Financial, Marketing and Business Introduction

- Setup of the Working Groups

- Analysis of skills needs in the group


Module 2: Space Economy 


-What is the Space Economy

-History and Transformation of the Space Economy

-Old and new actors

-Concept of Upstream and Downstream

-Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning in Space

-Benefits within and outside the space sector

Module 3: Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning in Space


- Introduction to  Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

- Deep learning and Neural Network

- Feedforward and Feedback Logic

- Importance of A.I. and M.L. in the Space Sector 

- Applications of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning in the Space Sector

- Challenges of using A.I. and M.L. in Space

- Scalable Autonomy


Module 4: Technology and R&D


- System architecture 

- Market Potential

- Climbing the TRL ladder

- R&D Academy vs. Companies

- Tactics, Strategy, Logistics

Module 5: Space Law


- Introduction to the International Space Law

- Legal Principles governing Outer Space Activities

- Current Legal Trends and Issues

- Group Exercise: Resolving a legal case in international space law

Module 6: Economics and Finance


-Socio-Economic impact of the Space Economy

-Space Investments

-Public and Private actors

-Business Angels, Billionaires and Venture Capitals

-Increase number of Startups

-Space Economy in developed economies, economies in transition and developing economies

Module 7 : Development of the Business Project 


Individual or Group Business Project to design your own company by learning the Canvas method, developing Project Management and Leadership Skills, acquire knowledge about P&L, Break-Even Point, ROI and other key Ratios.

Learning Objectives:


- Design your own business / Transform your company

- Learn and Apply the Canvas method

- Develop Project Management Skills

- Develop Leadership Skills

- Apply the acquired knowledge in Technology, Economy and Space Law



- Three workshops 

- Multiple Break-out rooms

- Compare and get advices at every step from top experts

- Individual or Group Project

- Final Presentation

Workshop 1 


Individual or Group Business Project introduction: Canvas method, developing Project Management and Leadership Skills. What is a Business Plan and how to build one.

Workshop 2 


Mid-review of the project idea and structure. The students also have the possibility to ask specific questions on dedicated parts of the Business Project. At this time, the students must be able to understand how to apply the knowledge acquired in the first Workshop to his/her specific business idea.

Workshop 3

During the third Workshop the Financial aspect will be addressed by the professor and the students will learn how to apply the financial components to their project. This includes P&L, Break-Even Point, ROI and other key Ratios.

Feb 2022

Start Date: 12ve February